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About Us


Premed Magazine is a place where students and medicine meet.


Founded by UT Austin Alumni, Premed Magazine was designed to be a resource for Pre-Med, Pre-Nursing, Pre-Pharmacy Students, Medical Schools,  and the entire Medical Industry.

In fact, not just Premed students are finding their way to our publication, our features on Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Dental, Nursing and other Health-Related Professions are drawing both a college crowd as well as crowds within the healthcare industry.

Premed Students can find the latest news and trends regarding the Medical Schools on their radar.

Medical Schools can get to know the thoughts of some of the brightest and intriguing students entering the medical field.

Hoping to capture the very best content for both students and medical schools alike, Premed Magazine features original articles by both students and seasoned journalistic staff.

Though founded by Alumni of the University of Texas at Austin, the reach of Premed Magazine is not limited to just UT Austin.

To learn how to become a part of our Premed team, please visit our "Volunteer" section of our website above. Thank you!



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the purpose of Premed Magazine?

A: In one word: Education.  Our publication was created for educational purposes only, not as a commercial endeavor.


Q: Does Premed Magazine Accept Donations?

A: No, Premed Magazine only accepts the knowledge and efforts of volunteers


Q: Does Premed Magazine turn a profit?

A: No, Premed Magazine exists solely as a volunteer-run organization that has the goal of being a place where knowledge and information can be shared to students from professionals, medical schools and other healthcare organizations.  


Q: Does Premed Magazine sell ad space or ads?

A: No, Premed Magazine is commercial / ad-free with a sole purpose of conveying knowledge to students from professionals and current medical, nursing, pharmacy and other healthcare students


Q: How do I contact your organization? I want to volunteer!

A: Please email us at


Q: I am a healthcare professional, I would like to get involved, what should I do?

A: Please email us at to get started!

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