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Article by Daniel Morris, PREMED Columnist


Thanks to Proposition 1's 35 million a year funding, the Dell Medical School opened on the UT Austin campus in 2016.

Finally, a medical school is open to cater to Central Texas, but how do premed students go about applying? And should they apply to a brand new medical school?

The first thing prospective students should know is the pathway to the Dell Medical School is the same path as those of other medical schools within the Texas medical system, you should apply via the Texas Medical & Dental Schools Application Service or TMDSAS by visiting their website:

From there, prospective students will be put on course the way they would if applying to any medical school in Texas. 

Now that the formality of actually applying is out of the way, what is there to know about Dell Medical School that makes it worth applying to?

Well, for starters, Dell Medical School was not designed as a "Me-Too" medical school in Texas. It was instead envisioned to be not just a cutting-edge facility for training, but a novel approach at teaching a more holistic form of medical education with the aim of educating future medical pioneers, not just doctors. This innovative stance also takes wings with the medical school's profound aim to also seek to promote the improvement of the ENTIRE healthcare field, to act as a beacon of improvement for the nation, and even the world.

The lofty goals of the medical school do not stop there, one visit to the Dell Medical School website will launch you into a deep trove of the school's many societal goals as well as into their physical building's amazing state-of-the-art facilities.


Dell Medical School Official Website:


Now the question arises, but it is a new medical school, shouldn't I just focus on more established schools?

The answer to that question is not simple, however, just like any new endeavor, with greater risk comes potential greater reward. 

Premed Magazine feels that the standards of all Texas medical schools will at the very least be met by this new facility, and furthermore, that the demand for such a large endeavor will probably outstrip the supply of openings for new students for the foreseeable future. 

Our reasoning is this, Austin has been wanting a medical school for many decades, and one could argue that the planning stage for such a school has been in the works all that time. With the massive amounts of public and private funding for the school, we feel that the UT System has adopted a "spare no expense" attitude into making the Dell Medical School a success.

We highly encourage the application of prospective students to Austin's new medical school and congratulate you for wanting to learn more about what the city of Austin can now offer!

For a video expounding on the vision behind Dell Medical School, please check out the video below titled:

"Educating Future Physician Leaders"




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