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Students - Premed Magazine is for you!


Premed Magazine is a place where students and medicine meet.


A 100% Volunteer-Run Organization, Premed Magazine was created for educational purposes only and our goals are three-fold:

1. Make a home for premedical students to learn more about medicine

2. Facilitate the interaction and learning between students and professionals within the healthcare field

3. Allow medical schools as well as healthcare organizations the ability to reach out to students who might be a good match for their institutions


With these tenets in mind, Premed Magazine seeks to be a bridge between the future (students) and the real world healthcare field today. 

Do you want to be a doctor, but aren't sure what it takes?

Do you want to be a nurse, but don't know what kind to be?

Would you like to learn more about being a PA versus an MD?

If these and countless other questions abound, then Premed Magazine has the insight from professionals within the field, as well as current medical, pharmacy and nursing students that could prove to be invaluable.

So please, enjoy the content that we help foster, and we hope that this interaction will yield a brighter medical experience for your careers as well as the patients you will one day care for!


-Premed Magazine Founders


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